Friday, December 23, 2011

Recipe Cards to print

After posting my homemade postcards (here and here) Polly, from Backporch Graphics requested that I make some vintage recipe cards and post them for you all to print and enjoy!'s my attempt at making it work.  You should be able to click the image and pull it up in another window - right click to save it -- and then paste it in whatever program you use to print things - re-size (if desired) and print! 

All the images used on these cards came from sites that give away free vintage images.   I have read  and am abiding by their rules for usage --or I contacted them privately and obtained permission. These cards are for personal use only --- Please do not copy and sell any of them.
Images courtesy of:
  1. Graphics Fairy - The last two with their images and the image of the 3rd card
  2. Fashionalities (the index card used in the first four)
  3. The Workshop Window (images on the first two cards)
  4. J. Rae's Shabby Cottage (image on the fourth card)
 Stay tuned for some vintage layered postcards -- coming soon!
If you have a request - leave me a comment and I'll see what I can do!
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Mrs. Smith said...

Oh my! These are ADORABLE!!! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!

Jenn said...

These are so cute - I am going to try and print some right now.

Polly said...

You are my idol, my angel!! Thank you so much for making these perfect cards (a mere thank you seems so inadequate). I just love them, have downloaded all of them and will set about trying to make some personalized cards for my sweet little daughters in law and my grand daughters. I don't know which is my favorite as they all are SO beautiful and I know the girls will love them, especially when I tell them a dear friend designed them, put them on her blog to share with others ... and all I had to do was ask! I am excited and looking forward to the postcards. You are awesome! XXXOOOXXOOX

Polly said...

I posted a couple of the recipe cards on my blog along with a link to yours. I tried to link to this post, but was unable to ... don't know why I couldn't, but I think you deserve recognition for being so nice!

Angela said...

LOVE these!!!! Thanks so much. Going to print out now :)

Merry Christmas!

Mynnette said...

Oh, these are GORGEOUS!!! Thanks so much for the freebies--love them! :)

Little Birdie Blessings said...

These are adorable, thanks for sharing. ~ Abby

Pamela said...

Love, love, Esther. They will be adorable tied to some of my food sheltering this year.

Ann said...

Your recipe cards are lovely. The images you selected are so sweet. I plan to use these. Thanks for sharing.


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